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Accuracy Guide[]

Battletech game is all about shooting enemy mechs, right? And in order to kill and not get killed you need to shoot more accurately than your enemy. This guide explains how shooting works in RogueTech, which modifiers exist and how they stack together. Gunnery is a bit of a trap - read more on How Gunnery Affects CTH

Changes From Vanilla[]

Some key points to note where RT differs from vanilla, and why it seems more difficult.

  • Vanilla simplified values to step in 5% increments. RT removes this artificial display change and provides the real game value chance roll.
    • For example: Vanilla 95% = RT 99.1% (This is why 95% felt they almost always hit). Vanilla 5% = RT 0.9% (This is why they almost always missed).
  • Removed "Streakbreaker". If you missed too much (or hit too much), Vanilla would force your shot to flip, in order to... break streaks of overly bad (or good) luck. RT tweaks the chance curve so that it is as close to 2d6 as is feasible.
The displayed values are correct with a statistical distribution p= 0.001 (1 in a thousand shots hits when it shouldn't)

Otherwise it would still show 5% steps when that step could be anything between 7-2% divergent.

The goal of these changes is to ensure that the game mostly resembles the 2d6 chance curve that CBT/TT uses, and more importantly, show it to the player.



A firefight in RogueTech is like a tug-of-war game: the base accuracy to hit a target is 80% and all your and your enemy actions and decisions provide either positive modifiers or negative modifiers and the goal is to have the sum of the all the modifiers to be as high as possible.

Important notice: to reflect the actual information in the game, through this guide a modifier which reduces accuracy comes with a "+" sign, and modifier which improves accuracy comes with a "-" sign.

RogueTech has a very convenient UI to manage accuracy of your units:

  • In the bottom right part of the screen there as a list of weapons with calculated accuracy.
  • Hovering mouse cursor over any number will open pop-up with detailed calculation of weapon accuracy for the current target.
  • Pressing TAB will switch targeting between available targets.
  • Whenever you aim at a target, the aiming line can be of different colors:
    • Red: frontal
    • Red & Yellow: frontal attack with obstructed target (+2 to hit modifier)
    • Blue: flanking attack (-1 to hit modifier)
    • Purple: flanking attack with obstructed target (+1 to hit modifier)
    • Green: rear attack (-2 to hit modifier)

Modifiers Overview[]

Category To Hit Modifier
Mech Movement Moved: +1

Sprinted: +2 (cumulative with Moved)

Jumped: +3 (cumulative with Moved)

Target Movement For each Evasion Pip: +2
Height difference +1 for each level the target is higher

-1 for each level the target is lower

Target Angle Shooting from the side: -1

Shooting from the back: -2

Visibility Target is obstructed: +1

No visuals: +5 (cumulative)

Range Minimum: +8

Medium: +2

Long: +4

Max Range: +8

Fire modes Indirect: +5
Sensors No sensor info: +5

ECM Shield: +0.6 for each point

Pilot skills Gunnery: adds 1% for each point

Cautious: +1

Reckless: -1


Infographic showing typical range breakdown.

Weapon Tooltips list 3 ranges: Minimum, Optimal, and Maximum. All ranges below the listed minimum suffer the listed +8 penalty. Short and Medium ranges are between Minimum and Optimal, while Long and Maximum (also referred to as Extreme Range) are between Optimal and Maximum. Most (but not all) weapons have the divide between Short/Medium and between Long/Extreme at the halfway points in those ranges, but some weapons - such as Snubnosed PPCs and Artillery - have different behavior.

Weapon damage falloff begins at optimal and reaches its maximum value at the end of the weapon's range.

Evasion Pips[]

In RogueTech mech movement speed is represented by small chevrons - Evasion Pips. The table below shows the number of Evasion Pips a mech gains for a certain distance travelled.

Distance Travelled, M 30 80 140 210 280 330 390 450 510 570 630 690 900 960 990
Evasion Pips 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

By default each mech can gain maximum of 6 Evasion Pips from movement. This limit can be increased by various pilot skills and equipment traits. Hover over the durability bar in mechbay to see what your mechs max is currently, will not count activated tech/abilities.