Aurigan Restoration

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Aurigan Restoration
Aurigan Restoration
Short name
Pre‑RogueWar Allies
Pre‑RogueWar Foes
Star system Homeworld
Coromodir VI* (contested)

Background[edit | edit source]

The Arano Restoration is the remnant of the former Aurigan Coalition, driven from power by the treachery of Santiago Espinosa. Those still loyal to the Arano family fled into the Rimward Frontier, the expanse of unsettled systems adjoining the Magistracy of Canopus. Many noble houses of the Aurigan Directorate harbor sympathies for the Restoration and its cause: returning the Arano monarchy to power.

Starter[edit | edit source]

Planet 'Mech Name 'Mech Signature Allignment
Coromodir Kintaro KTO-19 Periphery

Faction Leader[edit | edit source]


Faction Stats[edit | edit source]