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Patch Notes[]

RogueLauncher 1.2.15a[]

  • General bug fixes
  • Support for localization
    • Russian language for launcher

RogueLauncher 1.2.12[]

  • Additional anti-cheat measures

RogueLauncher 1.2.10[]

  • Who the hell knows.

RogueLauncher 1.2.9b[]

  • Blame Jamie
  • bug fix for selecting default cache location

RogueLauncher 1.2.8b[]

  • sTONKS
  • Online Maps!

RogueLauncher 1.2.0[]

  • Split CAB compatibility
    • This patch does not break existing saves. CAB rework necessitated some changes and blew away your configuration. If your career save is broken, you likely forgot to enable a module you previously enabled.

RogueLauncher 1.1.4[]

Tidied up UI and moved Discord to its front ui

RogueLauncher 1.1.3[]

  • fix for latest version not correctly showing
  • support for offline install
  • replace shipping version of harmony with an improved version

RogueLauncher 1.0.12[]

  • Option to automatically gather all logs available and required



Discord will always have latest information. Discord Invite -

Uses a new Launcher/Patcher that will automatically grab and clean up the latest file from the git. This installs Both RT and CAB. See more at Installation

Requires Battletech 1.9.1

Saves are incompatible to any prior major version

Project B and Osmium saves are inherently incompatible with current version!

Best completely reinstall everything! To do so, delete all your old saves and the cache: Steam\~\RogueTechSaves and RogueLauncher\RtlCache


Currently Known Issues[]

Make sure you read Known Issues!


The Big Changes[]

After over 6 Months of Work, and many hours of curses and codemares we proudly present

RogueTech Codename: Operation Treadnought!

The long awaited Tank update!

Crush your enemys under a merciless assault of Demolishers or teach them the horrors of a VTOL Swarm

This update has everything and the kitchen sink!

New Features:

  • The return of Online Experience:
    • Seasons are being implemented. Details undecided and will be forthcoming, but will involve map being reset on occasion. This is to allow new players a change to significantly affect the map and give veterans a chance at a new start.
    • Just because it’s asynchronous, doesn’t mean there aren’t players on the other side. Play nice, play fair. We can, and will, ban players. If this turns into too much work, online maps will be removed again, and likely for good.
    • No, you don’t get to run online maps with your own tweaks. That’s cheating.
    • No, you not having time is not an excuse. It’s no different from needing to grind in MMOs.
    • No, your *insert custom excuse* is not a valid point. Suck it up, buttercup.
    • Yes, all these dumb excuses were put up by real people during the map test. Yes, we already have one permaban.
    • If there is a crash or save game corruption, you can restore to a previous save, but will need to wait on a cooldown to affect the online map again. The time limit is subject to change, and does not count as a valid reason to appeal. Just wait it out. This policy may change down the road, but we want to ensure we have the capacity to handle bugs first.
    • Bans can be appealed. However, understand that the result of any investigation is final, and what was originally a temporary or seasonal ban can become a permanent ban. Generally, each appeal will be reviewed by more than one admin, even if you don’t see them saying anything - this is because they’re nosy fuckers.
    • If your ban was the result of a bug, ensure you report the bug! Admins will reverse the ban almost immediately if the evidence is sufficient.
    • Any appeals/responses are all pending availability. Admins need to eat, sleep, and shitpost.
  • Playable Vehicles!
    • There will also be a tank-only lance, which comes unlocked right at career start. Total drop weight remains at 800T for up to 12 units droppable, with 4 slots locked to vehicles.
    • These have received a complete overhaul to be completely inline with CBT rules to the last kilogram
    • Vehicles are not mechs, don’t try to use them like mechs!
    • Toggle in Mechlab between Vehicle and Mechbay (Vehicles are not editable)
    • Pilots have type limitations: M - Mechs, V - Vehicles, M/V - Both
  • Reworked Pilots Skill System and added Pilot Affinites:
    • Complete overhaul and rebalance of pilot skills.
    • Your Commander has quirks now!
    • You now have a choice of 2 Abilities at Skill level 5 and 8. Level 8 Skills are Active Cooldown Based options
    • Bonus mechs and equipment will be granted on day 2 of career. (AWACS/gear/hunchback/etc)
    • Pilots gain familiarity with mechs and vehicles. The more they use it, the better they get.
    • Training pods will help maintain affinity levels.
  • Melee rework:
    • Everybody was kung fu fighting
    • Melee is now closer in line with CBT rules.
    • Your mech has two arms, QED you punch twice.
    • Physical Melee weapons have unique pro's and con's, use a Mace to ruin their stability or go Headhunting with Swords
    • Most guns fire in Melee! Beware the Hunchbros!
      • Punching will stop upper body weapons from firing. Kicking will stop lower body weapons from firing.
  • New custom stores:
    • Return of faction stores
    • All shops now stock basic equipment (a mix of introtech weapons, upgrades/heatsinks, ammo, engine cores) in expanded quantities alongside small amounts of uncommon ammo and special slot upgrades (e.g. bolt on weapons) with medium or large population planets offering a wider selection than small population ones.
    • Store stock will be based on how a planet is tagged, as well as owner.
    • Faction rep will also play a hand in available equipment, however, store stock will only refresh on arrival into system (engine limitation)
  • HUGE performance fixes.
    • Almost runs smoother than vanilla, despite being 10x the size :)
    • We still recommend 32GB RAM+Pagefile. The game still is 10x the size. See more on Performance Tips
  • Other Notable Changes (Some of these were released into previous beta already):
    • Generated Contract Names: Share screenshots of the more ridiculous ones it generates. They’re pretty good laughs.
    • Overhauled Minefields: Yay, map icons for them! Will require certain sensor packages to see them.
    • Sumire Sucks: You can now point Sumire at where you want her to deploy your company. The pattern is still somewhat random, so stay away from cliffs and rocks.
    • Improved Weapons and Ammo UI
    • Overhauled Weapons Crit System. Depending on weapontype and size, they can receive multiple crits before being destroyed
    • Pressing Ctrl+Alt+J in the launcher will cycle between various Donation Button names
  • More bugs! Yep, we probably broke stuff.
    • Please don’t hesitate to stop in our Discord. Our community and testers are available in #questions-and-answers to solve most issues.
    • If they can’t solve it, you can also open a ticket (in Discord) and our devs will take a look!
    • Because of his endless shitposting, blame @Ceakay for the wiki being out of date (afterall, he's the wiki lord these days).


Operation Treadnought Beta Patch Notes[]

Find the change logs in the launcher, or over on GitHub. Additional announcements are made on Discord.