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Clan Coyote
Clan Coyote
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Background[edit | edit source]

Clan Coyote was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky. They proudly take as their totem animal the coyotes brought with the Star League exiles from Terra, which can now be found on Tamaron and many other worlds of the Kerensky Cluster.

Forged by Khan Dana Kufahl, a member of an anti-Amaris resistance movement on Terra called "The Spirit of the Coyote", the Clan cultivates a tradition based on Native American mysticism, and were the first to practice zellbrigen, well before ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky codified the tradition. Their most significant and revolutionary contribution to Clan society was arguably the introduction of the OmniMech in 2854.

Traditionally one of the strongest Clans and the closest ally of Clan Wolf, many events of the late thirtieth and thirty-first centuries have weakened their position. Considered to be the most conservative of the Warden Clans, they had retained their Warden viewpoint well into the Operation Revival era and beyond. Though they would dramatically regain much of their strength in the later portion of the thirty-first century, much of it was due to the influence of the Societyand was quickly spent in a gambit that pitted them against the rest of the Clans. The Society's influence, and the subsequent treasonous actions of many Coyotes would cost the Clan dearly as the Wars of Reaving came to their bloody conclusion, nearly forfeiting their Clan's very existence. As a result, the Coyotes would face vastly different circumstances than what they had known during the previous centuries, being a Clan that has been through the fires of their own near-destruction, and after that, through a deep cleansing of their collective spirit. The Coyotes of the post-Reaving era have essentially been reborn, both as a Clan and as individual warriors. Much like their totem, they have survived to continue their journey as the Clans enter a new age.