Clan Diamond Shark

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Clan Diamon Shark
Clan Diamon Shark
Short name
Diamond Shark
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Pre‑RogueWar Foes
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Background[edit | edit source]

Clan Diamond Shark, originally named Clan Sea Fox, was one of the first twenty Clans created by Nicholas Kerensky. Its willingness to change its own name exemplified the Clan's flexibility and progressive thinking - it was the only Clan which permitted universal suffrage - and helped make it one of the strongest and wealthiest during the Clans' history. Known derisively as the "Merchant Clan" by their jealous rivals, they nevertheless took great pride in their accomplishments and their direct contributions to the creation of the Clans. The Clan's original totem animal, the Sea Fox, was chosen for it by Kerensky for the honor it showed its prey before striking. The Clan then took as their new totem the Diamond Shark, which nearly wiped out the Sea Fox when it was introduced to the oceans of Strana Mechty, as a sign of respect to a superior predator.