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- Elite battlemechs are meant to be rare. They often come stocked with full technology packages and quirks that are slightly more powerful than your average mech. These primarily show as assassination targets.

More info on Elite Pilots can be found here

The Erinya - ( Stealthed PPC Sniper): COM-MK2

A suspiciously powerful commando found in a abandoned Deep Periphery "not quite SLDF" Bunker collecting dust among rotten bones

It gear is suspiciously advanced and 'Tech's who had a chance to look at it presumed it was more than lostech, their silence was well paid for

It comes equipped with 2 Snubnose PPC's

The Echidnae - ( Unique C3 Sensors equipment): GRF-S7

The Echidnae is one of the rare and powerfull Elite Gunboat's, equipped with carefully preserved LosTech is it capable to quickly strike hard and suppress the opposition.

A LosTech targeting computer installed on this mech gives it access to accuracy above and beyond that of even a standard clan chassis. As such this targeting computer and the mech that surrounds it, are an extremely high value salvage.

The Strix - ( Unique Combat Shield): SHD-SX

An Upgraded Shadowhawk, carrying a Streak SRM6, 2 Pirate HMG Array's a "Chainsword" and an integrated Combat shield, sporting slightly upgraded max armor is this a deadly short range brawler from the arena's of Solaris 7.

The Basilisk - ( Unique Heat Dissipating Armor and Sturdy Composite): CPLT-S7

 An upgraded Catapult, carrying PPC's and Missiles, some may refer to this mech as a "Mad Catapult"

A Surprisingly agile 'Mech for it's Size and Armour, equipped with improved jump jets and a partial wing as well as an advanced targeting computer cockpit upgrade

The Gladiator - ( Unique Hardened Armor and Composite Structure, has Supercharger): BL-S7

A commissioned Black Knight refit, carrying 2 prototype Plasma Cannons, Hardened Armour and composite internal structures. A brutal Solaris brawler with enhanced melee abilities.

The mech's incredible Armour rating, only beaten by assault class mech's comes at the cost of "soft" internals as well as a small engine, supported by a experimental Supercharger, Triple Strength Myomer and Improved Jump Jet's.

The Shinigami - ( Chameleon equipped Assault): STK-3Hb

Japanese for "Death Spirit" does this Stalker refit carry a respectable payload and stealth systems with lostech cooling.

"It is the voice in the dark that haunts you".

The Vollstrecker - ( Carries Advanced Jump Jet equipment): HGN-EXb

The 'Vollstrecker', Executioner, is a Steiner Elite Battlemech, agile like a medium 'Mech and armed to the Teeth, is this a true Lyran Military doctrine Scout.

It comes with a Gauss Rifle, 2 ER Large Laser and a Gauss Rifle.

The Eris - ( Gunboat with Unique Weapon Supports): TDR-E5

The Eris, named after the Terran Goddess of Chaos and Strife, is able to deliver a stunning long range blow that can unexpectedly crush but the most capable Combatants.

Based upon the Thunderbolt this mech carries 2 ER PPC, 2 ER Medium Lasers, 2 SRM 6's, and 2 Medium pulse lasers. Supported by a Majesty 180 Rangefinder alongside a full stealth suite allows it to sneak up on every target unseen

The Behemoth - ( A undying fully armored monster ): KGC-B

Equipped with additional armor, 2 LBX 20 AC's, a light PPC, and an MRM 10, this mech is ready to deal continuous heavy damage without going down. Based upon a cache of "Amaris Folly" was this mech recreated using reinforced internal structure and armor to create a unstoppable "beast of the lands"

The Gungnir - ( Unique FCS for Gauss/PPC): MAD-S7

While not seeming to be much of a changed design does this Solaris upgraded marauder carry a large assortment of advanced electronics and a Heavy Gauss rifle alongside 2 Heavy PPC's.

The Defiance - ( +15% Damage): DFN-3A

 This Prototype was build by Defiance industries on Hesperus II. Based upon the original WHR-6R, it is capable of dishing out and withstanding a dizzying amount of firepower thanks to a suite of advanced weapons and armor.

Equipped with 2 PPC's, an Autocannon 10, an SRM 6, 2 Medium Lasers, 2 Small Lasers and 2 Machine guns, the amount of weaponry on this mech impresses even veteran mech jockeys.

The Goblin - ( +10% Damage Reduction / Guarded Is Upgraded / -30% Signature / +2 Melee Accuracy): FS7-S

A goblin is a monstrous creature from European folklore, first attested in stories from the Middle Ages. They are ascribed various and conflicting abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. They are almost always small and grotesque, mischievous or outright malicious. 

The Joermungandr - (+4 Missile Accuracy): AS0-MG

Joermungandr named for the great 'Midgard Serpent' that will herald Ragnarok and bring an end to the Gods, does this 'Mech herald a rain of Fire and Death. 

Equips 4 LRM 20's and 2 SRM 6's Standard

The Guerilla - ( +3 Evasion Max / +3 Evasion Gained / Guarded is Upgraded / -70% Signature): BWS-S7

This variant of the Bushwhacker uses LosTech Stealth and Sensor Technologys, able to move unseen and undetected until it can unleash a deadly volley. Equipping a Chameleon Light Polarization Shield and a Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle.

The Mirax - ( +40% Ballistic Damage Reduction / -10% Laser Damage Reduction / +100 Heat Max / +20 Overheat Level): NCT-Mir

Named after a binary star system, this mech was designed to run hot. Equipped standard with 3 Clan ERPPC's and 2 Medium Heavy Lasers + a MASC system, the pilots are constantly under the threat of burning, but the mech holds true.

The Phoenix - ( +10% Damage Reduction / Guarded Is Upgraded / +3 DFA Accuracy / +1 Melee Accuracy): PHX-HK5

This refitted 'Phoenix' Hawk LAM received special care to its leg stabilizers and Exhaust system, giving it advanced mobility and Death From Above abilities. The other weapons this mech equips are who cares because its going to DFA you anyway.