Roguetech Wiki

An optional submod in the Roguetech installer containing a set of new opponents and challenges designed to make the life of your mech warriors, that little bit more fun. Included are elite pilots, new lance sub-types, custom mechs and a challenging set of ''duels''. Created by Lady Alekto.

Elite Pilots[]

These are Pilots usually with a light unique quirk and skills above the average AI Enemy

They are named and contain many Modders who contributed to the Community or the Mod

New Extra Challenging Lances[]

3 sets of additional Lances for the spawner.

Battle Lances[]

A collection of 4 Legendary Type 'Mech's piloted by an Elite Pilot each, pushing you to your Limits.

These can spawn in place of any "Battle" Lance.

Stealth support[]

A collection of 4 stealth units piloted by high class NPC's, they will hunt you.

No Faction restrictions.

These can spawn in place of any "Support" Lance.

Mixed Fire[]

Lances consisting of 1 Elite/Legendary, 1 Stealth, 1 Predator(Upgraded Sensors) and 1 Faction specific "Anything", bringing a balanced mix of abilities.

These can spawn in place of any "Fire" Lance.

Dueling Contract[]

En Garde, Riposte and Coupe

3 Contracts that always spawn a Elite Lance and will test your Unit and Commanding Skills.

Elite Battlemechs[]

A Collection of extraordinary BattleMech's that are absolutely flexible in their Loadouts and bring powerfull unique Gear with them.

You can find the full list of elite mechs here