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RogueTech General[]

Why does RT lock down the mod?[]

There are a number of factors, but it basically boils down to the fact that RT is huge. The smallest tweak can have failures cascading down, which in turn, make providing support a nightmare. While the Devs and testers (VIPs on Discord) can't catch all the mistakes, we do our best to minimize poor experiences.

That said, you are free to play in Offline Mode, and selecting the option to Disable Safe Launch if you want to add your own tweaks into the game. We encourage others to use RT as an example to get your BT Modding career started, but understand that running the game with these options will void your support, as we can't hope to support everyone's changes.

If you are looking to make your own mod, our discord also has a channel for modding questions, where you can ask for help on how to achieve your modding goals. Be warned, this channel is not for asking for support on why something you changed caused the game to break - you break it, you fix it.

What's with the versions? Why is it Beta?[]

The names are a reference to some of the latest features added.

RT will be in Beta for the foreseeable future, as we're in active development of more features and bug-fixes. It is to help set the expectation that the team are not paid professionals and bits and pieces are going to be janky.

Launcher, Installation, and Getting Started[]

I've got some issue or bug with the game[]

Please Check our Known Issues page, or join us on discord for more help.

How do I report a issue/bug[]

Our good friend Enova has made a video for you to follow

Are the DLC required?[]

  • No, however if you have the DLC installed, ensure you have the corresponding RT module as well!

I am seeing an Error-404 Asset Bundle Missing[]


  • You MUST install the do a Clean install via the Rogue Launcher

What is a "Clean Install"[]

  • A clean install means the removal of the mods folder, prior to updating to a newer version. This can be done by manually deleting your Battletech Mods folder or by selecting ALL of the cleanup options on the Roguetech installer. It DOESN'T affect your saved games in anyway and only takes an extra 30 seconds to complete compared to the normal installation progress. A clean install is recommended by the RT team for every new update.
  • You Can also delete the MODS folder in your Battletech main directory to Ensure absolute compatibility for a clean install

I have installed RogueTech but it is stuck during loading[]

  • You are running an incompatible version please check the Installation Guide and ensure you have installed the correct version of both Battletech and Roguetech.
  • Potential Workaround: If you experience an Infinite load, try loading a Skirmish game first to load Mech selections. Once that has completed, retry Career mode.
  • If the issue still persists, please open a support ticket on our Discord Page

I used the installer, followed the guide, but I still got old settings back, and game still won't load.[]

  • Turn off cloud saves in Steam/GOG Galaxy.
  • Delete the mod folder, validate your installation and reinstall RT with the proper settings (your game options, delete mods folder and first time patch for BTML).
  • Set your System and Unicode languages to English (if you are using a different language for those, installation most probably won't work). Also see Known Issues

Game is running slow[]

Performance Tips

How do I adjust the difficulty[]

There's two places, each with it's own options.


New RogueTech Gameplay Concepts[]

While RogueTech aims to bring much of the TableTop canon to HBSBT, many of these concepts are unique to RogueTech for the purposes of balance. The goal is to encourage players to not feel constrained to using one successful build, and instead allow for a large variation. Some others may exist due to game engine limitations. A few (quite a few) exist solely because the devs are trolls who want you to suffer are making up for the player's natural superiority in gameplay over the AI.

Read more about these changes over at Gameplay Changes

This is different from vanilla! How does this feature work?[]

Seriously, go read Gameplay Changes. There's a lot and you should read up on it as it'll likely have your answer there. A brief list of what it covers:

  • In Game Settings: Career Difficulty Options
  • Pilot Skills and Quirks: New Skill Tree and Skills, as well as additional quirks.
  • MechEngineer: Engines and Heatsinks
  • AIM: New targeting and fixed dice mechanics
  • Fire Modes, Ammo Switching & Custom Ammo: New ammo types, fire modes, and UI changes to swap ammo
  • Heat Effects: Imports CBT (Tabletop) heat effecst, including shutdown chances, ammo explosion, pilot injury, systems failure, attack penalties, and movement penalties
  • Reworked Lance Matrix: rebalanced lances, for a harder challenge
  • Through Armor Critical (TAC): Hard shots break systems
  • Skill Based Initiative: 30 possible phases per turn
  • Mech Sensor Icons: New Mech UI hover icons
  • Lance Spawner: 5 Skulls? This ride goes to 12.5 Skulls.

Where is the Hiring Hall? I can't find it[]

  • The Hiring Hall is located in the Argo menu

There is that little "invalid" icon in the mechbay. Why is my build invalid?[]

  • Press the VALIDATE button, it will tell you the necessary equipment or faults of the configuration.

Items stating "All Lancemates"[]

  • the game treats everything YOU the player drop, as one "lance" - therefore all "all lancemates" effects your entire drop

Muh Saves![]

  • They are kept in their own folder, untouched by this mod or others.
  • The folder containing saves is found under: ~/BATTLETECH/RogueTechSaves/

RogueTech is too hard! Some starts are impossible![]

Thank you for ignoring the warning on ModsinExile, the Installation Guide, and the Beginner's Guide. As we can also safely assume that you never reviewed the additional Guides provided that explain the additional depth and nuance of the various Gameplay Changes from mods, we will carefully quote your complaint back to you, replacing all instances of RogueTech with Dark Souls.

Does <x> stack? and how does it stack[]

  • Unless an item effect says it does not stack, it does.
  • nearly all items in RT will stack multiplicatively, not additively - this means, no- you can't have damage reduction that hits 100%, or no you can't have heat generation reduced to 0%

Other Support[]

What's the release schedule?[]

We don't have any ETA and we never had. Next patch just happens. Usually it gets released when LA clicks on the wrong button.

Windows Defender blocks the installation[]

Your Windows Defender definition package is old (what determines what is bad from good), as this has been resolved, and Microsoft has been notified and they properly did a scan for the injection methods used for the RT Installer to patch the Assembly-CS.dll which is used for BTML/ModTek.

To actually resolve this, without messing with Windows Defender directly, do the following.

1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender 
2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”.

What this does, is basically to remove the cached definitions for them to be re-downloaded again. Since Windows Defender doesn't actually solve stuff like this normally.

The latest definition is available for download here:

Or alternatively, change to a real Anti-Virus.

I want to update RogueTech, will it break my save?[]

If an update will break a save, the CHANGELOG will say it so. Please note CLEAN INSTALL doesn't mean that saves are incompatible, please see above what we mean by this term

Where do i find the logs they ask for?[]

There is 'Gather Logs' button on the launcher that will save a zip file of the logs required. Attach the whole zip file to your ticket.

I've spotted a mech called "REPORT ME".[]

If you spot it in a mission: Something went wrong with the lance spawner. Go to discord, open a support ticket, report your encounter and post your logs. Once you've got acknowledgement then either restart the mission/load a save prior to the mission, or console/cheat kill the mech.

If you spot it in the skirmish Mechlab: Yeah, its going to be there, just ignore it. Admire it's OP-ness if you feel like it.

What Language Should I Use[]

We advise you to use English as the default game language. This is to avoid spawn errors resulting from the partial translation of some tags . If you are playing on a language other than English and encounter a REPORT ME mech; reset your game language to English, this should clear the issue. If it persists, please open a support ticket on discord.

Where do i find the version number of BattleTech and RogueTech?[]

In the Main Menu of the game in the lower left corner.

Bt version info-0.png

I want to do this very specific thing with my game[]

By all means, knock yourself out. We will never discourage people from making the game their own, and try to make it as easy as possible with our launcher, BUT that does not mean we will support it. Users have contributed to the knowledge base by adding some of the following guides to the wiki. If you add your own, please be courteous to the devs and remember to note that it's not officially supported!