Fire Modes, Ammo Switching & Custom Ammo

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There is now Custom Ammo supported, so HMGs, LMGs, MRMs, LBXs, RACs and other weapon systems now have their own ammo types. And with Custom Ammo, you can now use different ammo when firing your weapons. Switch between ammos with Left Click on the % mark of weapon slot in combat HUD.

Fire Modes[edit | edit source]

PPC:[edit | edit source]

Toggle Field Inhibitor

  • FION: Normal Behaviour
  • FIOFF 50% Chance for Misfire No Minimum Range +1 Recoil

UAC:[edit | edit source]

Toggle Double-Tap

  • X1-2
  • Select between 1 or 2 shots
  • With all recoil and heat generated on double tap as if fired twice

RAC:[edit | edit source]

Toggle Fire rate

  • X1-6
  • Select between 1-6 shots
  • Each Adding Recoil and Heat for each additional Shot and increased chance to jam beyond 3 shots

IS LRM:[edit | edit source]

Toggle Hotloaded

  • STD: Normal Behaviour
  • HL(HotLoaded): 50% Chance for Misfire No Minimum Range -1 Accuracy

Variable Speed Pulse Laser[edit | edit source]

Charge type X1-X4 Shots

  • Increased heat and slightly reduced damage and accuracy with additional shots

Bombast:[edit | edit source]

Select Charge

  • STD +1 Accuracy
  • RNG -15 Dmg +5 Heat +30% Range
  • DMG +25 Dmg +1 Recoil +10 Heat -30% Range

Pirate ATM[edit | edit source]

Cycle fire rate

  • Get improved accuracy and slower speed but increased recoil and misfire chance at higher speeds

Pirate Light/Heavy PPC[edit | edit source]

Similar to the Bombat Laser

  • Not STD shots can cause a misfire and increase heat generated
  • Std Behaves like a LPPC

OC - OverCharge

  • Set the Capacitor to a high output
  • Increased damage and recoil

FC - Fast Charge

  • Use the capacitor to quickly load the PPC
  • Increased Accuracy and Evasion Ignore