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Gear and Equipment are often used interchangably, but for the purposes of this wiki section, Equipment refers to the gear that can be specifically found under the Equipment tab in the MechBay.


RogueTech expands gear variety available in the core Battletech game and adds new categories. Some of the gear is mandatory and without it mech won't be able to operate while other is completely optional and it is up to player to decide whether they want to use it or not.

  • Mandatory gear: structure, engine core, heatsinks, Fire Control System (FCS), cockpit, life support, armour, gyro, arms
  • Optional gear: Electronic Warfare Suites (EWS), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), jump jets

Some of the gear can be fixed in a specific mech model, it can be identified by diagonal stripe pattern instead of a solid fill. This gear cannot be removed from the mech. If the gear gets destroyed during the battle, you will always be able to repair it afterwards, unless the mech was not salvaged.

Gear Guides[]

Equipment Categories[]

These categories are organized in the same fashion that you see in MechBay. As a result, some gear may show up in multiple areas of the lists, as they are part of mulitple categories.