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Mech Bay[]

This page provides overview of mech bay in RogueTech.

Mech Assembly[]

During mission you will get various salvage including mech parts. Assembling mechs in RogueTech is a little bit different from the original game where you always needed the partial mech salvage of the same variant to assemble a mech, i.e. 3 out of 3 pieces of TDR-5S. In RogueTech you are more flexible with the assembly:

  • Assemble for free if you have all the parts from the same variant, i.e. 5 out of 5 pieces of TDR-5S
  • Assemble for an additional cost if you have different variants of the same mech, i.e. 3 out of 5 pieces of TDR-5S and 2 pieces of TDR-5SS. The cost will depend on parts value, but usually is within couple of tens thousands of C-Bills.
  • Assemble for a high additional cost if you assembling a mech combining parts of "Elite" variants with ordinary parts or parts of other "Elite" variants, i.e. 3 out of 5 pieces of TDR-E5 (Eris) and 2 out of 5 pieces of TDR-5S. The cost will range from several hundred thousands to several millions C-bills per part.
  • Omni-mechs can be assembled from parts of different variants without any additional cost.
  • Special Mech variants (excluding OmniMechs) require 50% or more of total parts to assemble. This includes: Elite, Primitive
  • The display in the lower right will display the chances of recovering the mech's equipment when you rebuild it, based on your total MechTech. It rolls first for each location ("limb repair"), then for each item there to see if you get the item ("item recovered"), then whether the item is fixed or needs repair ("item repair").
Parts needed to assemble a variant
Mech type Parts needed out of 5 out of 8
Normal 33% 2 3
Omni 1 1 1
Elite/Legendary 50% 3 4
Unique 100% 5 8


In RogueTech the mechs and partial mech salvage are in different colors. Below is the explanation for all the color codes.


Mech Colors[]

Mech colors reflect whether the salvage is ready for assembly.

Color Picture Description
Grey Picture1.png Partial mech salvage

Cannot be assembled

Yellow Picture7.png Partial mech salvage

Can be assembled from different variants

Green Picture3.png Full mech salvage

Ready to be assembled

Teal Picture2.png Stored mech

Can be readied on request

Purple Uniquemech.png Unique Mech

Cannot be assembled from different parts

Background Colors[]

Background colors reflect mech weight class, and also if this is an "Elite" mech.

Color Picture Description
Blue Picture10.png Light Mech
Green Picture6.png Medium Mech
Brown Picture5.png Heavy Mech
Grey Picture8.png Assault Mech
Pink MechBayPrimitive.png "Primitive" mech
Purple Picture4.png "Elite" mech

It can be assembled from other variants at an increased cost