Roguetech Wiki

This is experimental and not yet fully supported. This system will change and it is not recommended you build on this system yet

Mission Control[]

A HBS BattleTech mod that provides a framework for runtime modifications of the contracts and encounters. This includes varying the encounter specifics such as spawn locations, lance numbers and objectives.

Additional Lances[]

Additional enemy and ally lances will spawn based on contract type, biome type, faction reputation, allies/enemies, percentage chances, maximum limits and lance configs.

For full configuration options, see the Additional Lances page.

Random Spawns[]

Depending on the contract type, the lance spawns will change every playthrough. The spawning uses contract type specific logic to suitably place the lances. There are no configuration options currently available for this as these come from the encounter type rulesets that are created. Which things are randomised in the game is determined by the Encounter Rulesetwhich is run for that contract type.

Bigger Maps[]

Increase the size of the encounter to the maximum available map size. This can sometimes be as much as around four times the size!

Extended Lances[]

Increase the sizes of lances where it makes sense. For the vanilla game this does nothing. If another mod is using Mission Control, then they can set Clan stars (5 mechs) or Comstar Demi-lances / Reinforced lances (6 mechs).

This works for both vanilla spawn points for contract types and spawns created by Mission Control.

Dynamic Withdraw[]

When being forced to withdraw and extraction zone appears for you. You must extract there before you can end the mission. Plan your escape accordingly.

Ally Combat Dialogue[]

When dropping with your allies they will break radio silence to inform you of the current situation, show their joy at your arrival or generally complain they are fighting with dirty Mercs.

New AI[]

Completely new AI behaviours that do not exist in the vanilla game.

  • Follow Lance - Follows the heaviest mech in the target lance. Favours the lance order when finding multiple mechs of the same tonnage.

Single Player Skirmish Support with Quick Skirmish Feature[]

Mission Control works on single player skirmish if a contract type ruleset is created for it, or the 'DebugSkirmishMode' option is turned on (defaults to on).

The 'Quick Skirmish' feature adds a new main menu button. When clicked it will use the last lance the player used for the cost brackets (unlimited selected first and clash last) then it gives the player a random map and mood. It will spawn the player lance and the enemy lance within firing range. This is ideal for modders testing their mods or people who want a very quick skirmish.

Encounter Rulesets[]

Mission Control allows other modders to add their own contract type rulesets to be used. When added to the mod, the mod will randomly select a ruleset for a contract type from the given choices.

This is experimental and not yet fully supported. This system will change and it is not recommended you build on this system yet.