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Please see the RogueTech Online page at for the most up-to-date numbers. Any specific numbers mentioned are subject to change.

Pre-amble, Conduct, and Ban Appeals[]

  • Seasons are being implemented. Details undecided and will be forthcoming, but will involve map being reset on occasion. This is to allow new players a chance to significantly affect the map and give veterans a chance at a new start.
  • Just because it’s asynchronous, doesn’t mean there aren’t players on the other side. Play nice, play fair. We can, and will, ban players. If this turns into too much work, online maps will be removed again, and likely for good.
  • Fair play means playing by the same rules as everyone, or you can go into the offline corner and play by yourself. You should have learned this in kindergarten.
  • So that this is spelled out, using Debug constitutes cheating. Using 3rd party programs, including notepad, is cheating.
  • No, you don’t get to run online maps with your own tweaks. That’s cheating.
  • No, you not having time is not an excuse. It’s no different from needing to grind in MMOs.
  • No, your *insert custom excuse* is not a valid point. Suck it up, buttercup.
  • Yes, all these dumb excuses were put up by real people during the map test. Yes, we already have one permaban.
  • If there is a crash or save game corruption, you can restore to a previous save, but will need to wait on a cooldown to affect the online map again. If you would like to file an appeal to have this ban reversed early, do so on discord, but understand this is subject to availability.
  • Bans can be appealed. However, understand that the result of any investigation is final, and what was originally a temporary or seasonal ban can become a permanent ban. Generally, each appeal will be reviewed by more than one admin, even if you don’t see them saying anything - this is because they’re nosy fuckers.
  • If your ban was the result of a bug, ensure you report the bug! Admins will reverse the ban almost immediately if the evidence is sufficient.
  • Any appeals/responses are all pending availability. Admins need to eat, sleep, and shitpost.


  • All factions are at war with each other.
  • Systems offer contracts from the owner of the system, locals and each bordering faction.
  • Doing contracts for a faction, while allied to them, raises their percentage of control and lowers the percentage of the others.
  • Failed missions do not influence the system conflict.
  • The faction with the most control owns the system.
  • If a faction is completely wiped out, they can be ''resurrected'' by completing missions in their home system.
  • If you are allied with a faction, they will offer you priority contracts that pay better and lead you to currently contested systems.
  • You can only send a finished mission to the server every 20 minutes. Posting a mission before that limit is up may reset the timer.


Influence is the % of control a faction has over a system. Each successful mission earns your employer influence on the planet. Taking less pay/salvage from a mission will net your employer more influence.

The full math for calculating influence (taking into account your career modifiers, etc) is available here.


  • When your allied faction already has 100% control over a planet, you can still keep working those percentages up.
  • If you continue doing missions for your faction on that planet you can percentages over 100% at a much slower rate.
  • The rate is 15% of the normal gain, i.e. if you normally would have gotten 24% you would gain 2%.
  • The maximum is 300%.

Additional Online Features[]

For more information on additional online features, including:

  • Tokens

Please see

IT Stuff(How does it work)[]

  • Whenever the game updates the map it makes a request to the RogueTech server and updates your local map based on the current state of the war.
  • After each mission your computer sends the mission results to the server and that calculates the new map.
  • Only your unique Career ID will be shared with the server; results can only be connected to you as a person if you share that Career ID.

Server Side[]

  1. Receive mission posts from players and update database
  2. After idle interval, generate new map from database to send to players

Client Side[]

  1. On loading career or after completing a mission, map is updated from server
  2. Nav map is updated whenever initialized
  3. Post data to server if mission was eligible


Here you can find the current state of the war if you don't want to start the game just to view it: Browser Map

Faction Coordination and Role Play[]

While the online game does not require it, many of our active online community coordinate and role play their actions on the Rogue War discord server.

Online History[]

A summary of season history can be found on and you can find more about each faction's actions (and role play) in our community-created Online Experience/History.