System Tweaks



RT is a massive game and requires a lot of memory. The RT-Crew's minimum system requirement is to have at least 16GB of physical RAM (more is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED) to minimize crashing from insufficient memory. Additionally, as a general configuration rule for all computers, make sure you have set a PageFile that is at least 1.5x the amount of your physical RAM, ideally on your fastest drive. The Launcher will prompt you to do so if your pagefile is too small—ignore this warning at your own risk.

See Instructions For Setting Your Pagefile.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This is because the version of Unity that Battletech was built on likes to semi-randomly dump active memory to Pagefile. Combine this issue with the absolutely massive amounts of additional content (15x more content than base game), RAM/Pagefile will be eaten alive. Code wizards have already fixed whatever can be fixed, other wise the game would required 60GB+ of RAM and a pagefile of 90GB+.

Restarting often

Thanks to vanilla spaghetti code and other memory related unpleasantness in Unity engine, even massive amounts of RAM and PageFile will get filled quickly. To mitigate this, it is suggested the game be restarted every few hours or every few mission. This can vary from system to system, but running the game for more than 6 hours has been known to cause the game to actually refer to code from previously completed missions and cause it to do crazy things.

Exclude folders in Windows Defender (and other Anti-Virus)

Add both the RogueTech cache and BattleTech game folders to your exclusion list.

Process Lasso

This is a potential fix for most stutters, and may not apply to everyone. HBSBT is on an older version of Unity Engine, and is heavily bound by single-thread performance. By telling the game to not use threads 0 and 1, Windows system and other background apps are free to use those threads and not impact performance on the game.

Get process lasso ( only needs free version)

  1. Make sure it autostarts
  2. Launch RT, then in process lasso, right-click Battletech.exe and set the following:
    1. Priority Class>Always>High
    2. CPU Affinity>Always>Deselect CPUs 0 and 1
    3. IO Priority>Always>High

GFX Controls

Set vsync to fast and go max performance options in either nVidia control panel or AMD control panel

Tarkov Fix

This has been implemented as the Multithread Option. Select Multithread to enable.

Original fix and credit (Deprecated)
Taken from:

Many users have reported that the advice on the unity engine game Escape from Tarkov has shown improvements to performance

Everyone should disable "use only physical cores"!

and enable "threaded optimization" in the nvidia control panel and set it to "auto"

this will enable the worker jobs! and that is important because with the jobs UNITY is able to use ALL THREADS what will give a big FPS boost less stutters and better CPU and GPU usage.I recommend following ingame settings to test it:

WHICH will result in:

instead of before:

that was just an example!

on woods i get now capped at 120 all the time!and i'm tired of trying to let him know this now.


if he doesn't know what i mean he should DM me!


EDIT2: if you don't think that is a big improvement i'm running old hardware: XEON e5 2690v1 max all core turbo 3,3Ghz it's a server cpu from 2013 and 64gb of 1333mhz ddr3 plus a GTX 1070tiA friend of mine runs a r9 3950x and UNITY is using ALL 32 Threads now without the "use only phyical cores " he got better fps and now he is only capped by his GPU a 1080TI

Another one with a 9900k and a 2080S is capped on LABS at 120 with 122fps while he is STREAMING at the same time

EDIT3: TURN "threaded optimization" on "auto" and disabling "use only physical cores" won't do anything as long as the file is not updated!



EDIT 6: I wrote "...and enable "threaded optimization" in the nvidia control panel and set it to "auto"..." only because I disabled it before i fixed it to get better fps there is no need to turn it off usually but it helped with the fps in Escape from Tarkov! That turning it off gave me better fps intended me to start searching why, because it's usually for older Games that doesn't run on multicore systems very well....AMD card users should also have a way better utilization

RT Tweaks

Launcher Tweaks

RT Configuration

These are the Configuration Options when installing RT. To change these, click Update, then click Reconfigure RT

CombatLog Toggle

Especially for those with shader performance issues (i.e. Windows7/DX11), disabling floaties and switching to CombatLog, then leaving CombatLog closed has been known to help with performance.

Fire FX

Updated Fire FX uses less particle effects with less smoke effects. However, this is known to cause cosmetic issues. Using Original Fire FX may help with stability if shaders are an issue.

SpeedMod Options (Game seems to hang for a bit when processing actions)

Not strictly a performance tip, but a significant note: SpeedMod and the in-game setting Speed Up Combat accomplish similar things. Combining the two can make combat really zoom, but frames and animations will be skipped and the game will feel as if it's stuttering. This is NOT the performance stuttering Devs refer to, this 'stuttering' is all the speed trying to make things happen faster than the engine can process and render.

This author's best results have come from disabling SpeedMod completely, relying on the in-game speed up and smashing spacebar. Results will likely vary.

FX Options

Ensure Crystal Clear is enabled. Seriously. This one will give some of the biggest gains.

Rendering Options

If your computer was built this millenium, use MultiThread Rendering enabled. The more threads your CPU has, the more gains you will see out of this.


A large amount of process errors and hangups are fixed through this mod. While not RT specific, it has been developed with RT in mind.

This mod has been reported to cause issues on some computers. You may be asked to disable it during support tickets.

Borderless Window Mode

In the RT Launcher, select Borderless Windowed Mode under Set Preferences

This also helps with crashes when alt-tabbing out, as the game never truly minimizes. Great for joining the community on Discord while you play!

In Game Tweaks

While in game, go to Options > Video > Advanced for the following options

Slowdowns or crashes in Urban Biomes (City Maps)

[Urban Biome] Reduce Props

This will remove civilian cars and other cosmetic litter. HUGE performance gains on Urban Biomes

Other Cosmetics

These are cosmetics that can easily provide performance gains. Experiment to find the right balance for you, or simply disable everything for maximum performance.

  • Bloom Quality - Low
  • Ambient Occlusion - Disabled
  • AntiAliasing - Disabled
  • Motion Blur - Disabled
  • Reflection - Disabled
  • VSync - Disabled

Disabling Aura Circles

Disabling auras can help with frame rates. To do so, use the key combination: Ctrl+A

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