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Roguetech features a variety of custom made flashpoints made by either the wider Battletech community or by the Roguetech team. Flashpoints range from single mission challenges such as gladiatorial duels or single mech drops; to longer chains of mission with their own story line. Beware some of these challenges are much harder than they seem, though special rewards may be found after completing some flashpoint chains.

Spawn locations for Flashpoints have basically been randomized. This is to make sure that the entire map can have flashpoints in the area, rather than the region accessible through the vanilla map. Flashpoints that eventually expire will show up again later in a different location.

Below is a list of current flashpoints in Roguetech.

By Akodoreign (unless otherwise specified)[]

The Story Line Flashpoints

Roguetech features a custom story line created by Akodoreign and Raza5. There are 2 alternate stoylines, leading to the same conclusion; the pirate branch and the Comstar branch. At the end of the branch, there will be an event that allows it to be replayed once; allowing players to both through both sides.

Comstar Pirates
A Simple Greeting A Simple Greeting
Chapter 1 Verse 76 Seven Pieces
Words Found Solar Winds
Revelations Fortress Door
Close The Gates Closes The Gates

Story Flashpoints:

  • Return of the Steel Beast
  • Clan Scouts
  • Dead Men Walking
  • Mutiny
  • Walk The Plank
  • Reliques
  • Red Corsair

Faction Specific Flashpoints


  • Test Pilot
  • Test Pilot 2
  • Test Pilot 3

Magistracy of Canopus (Credit to Asher):

  • Alliance Magistracy of Canopus


  • Liao Alliance


  • Marik Alliance


  • Davion Alliance


  • Kurita Alliance


  • Steiner Alliance

Gladiatorial Flashpoints:

These flashpoints pit you against a random opponent in a gladiatorial match. Sometimes your opponent may bring friends or you may also have to fight the match's cameraman.

  • Limited Gladiator 1
  • Limited Gladiator 1az
  • Limited Gladiator 1b
  • Limited Gladiator 1bz
  • Limited Gladiator 1z
  • Limited Gladiator 2
  • Limited Gladiator 2a
  • Limited Gladiator 2az
  • Limited Gladiator 2b
  • Limited Gladiator 2bz
  • Limited Gladiator 2z
  • Limited Gladiator 3
  • Limited Gladiator 3a
  • Limited Gladiator 3az
  • Limited Gladiator 3b
  • Limited Gladiator 3bz
  • Limited Gladiator 3z
  • Limited Gladiator 4
  • Limited Gladiator 4a
  • Limited Gladiator 4az
  • Limited Gladiator 4b
  • Limited Gladiator 4bz
  • Limited Gladiator 4z
  • Limited Gladiator 5
  • Limited Gladiator 5a
  • Limited Gladiator 5az
  • Limited Gladiator 5b
  • Limited Gladiator 5bz
  • Limited Gladiator 5z

Gladiator Division Flashpoints

These flashpoints feature custom or rare prototype mechs not seen anywhere else in game. These will unlock when you have done the preceding tier of normal gladiator flashpoints. Expect more interesting fights with a diverse selection of mechs and technology.

  • Limited Gladiator 1azd
  • Limited Gladiator 1bzd
  • Limited Gladiator 2azd
  • Limited Gladiator 2bzd
  • Limited Gladiator 3azd
  • Limited Gladiator 3bzd
  • Limited Gladiator 4azd
  • Limited Gladiator 4bzd
  • Limited Gladiator 5azd
  • Limited Gladiator 5bzd

Limited Tonnage Flashpoints:

You are hired to retrieve important items of value from an enemy base. However factors are in play that restrict your lance weight to a specific tonnage.

  • Limited Light
  • Limited Light 6
  • Limited Light 10
  • Limited Medium
  • Limited Medium 6
  • Limited Medium 10

Necromo Nightmare (Seasonal): Necromo Nightmare is a short, 3 part flashpoint chain, that Ako inexplicibaly can't name properly

By Amechwarrior[]

The Raid (Nexus mods link:

Non Canon Flashpoints[]

The Drones of Syberia by Akodoreign

A flashpoint based on the Nebula California sourcebook by Catalyst Game Labs. This is not really cannon compliant for either Battletech or Roguetech and is intended as a bonus add on for those who want it.