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RogueTech has as goal to provide new challenges and a harsher sim game experience. Survive by any means necessary, because your enemies won't care if you live or die.

This mod is set in an alternate timeline, taking place after the 4th Succession and the War of 3039, when the wide spread use of the technologies from the Helm Core appearing around the sphere and beyond.


I mean, how fair would it be to just have the player have all these fancy toys?


  • The entire Inner Sphere is open to you!
  • Persistent online Map! Fight for your faction, with or against REAL PLAYERS affecting borders!!!
  • Custom Mech Engineer components - Mech Engineer is one of the core gameplay experience changing mods added to RogueTech, which allows for many different aspects from the core game between the un-modded BattleTech experience and the RogueTech experience.
  • Mission Control allows control of additional lances on bigger maps!
  • Custom Starts with planet AND available Mechs based on Faction Choice.
  • Custom Flashpoints that tell the story of the Roguetech universe or offer unique challenges (requires Flashpoint DLC to enable)
  • TAC (Through Armour Criticals) - Deal critical damage to components if the armour is compromised or if the weapon hits hard.
  • Skill Based Initiative - Increases the number of turns on a single round and randomizes a bit the turns, as well as offering certain effects by skill points or combat condition of a mech and pilot.
  • Low Visibility Mod - Adds double-blind rules from MaxTech, but have been heavily adapted to the video game mechanics.
  • Fire Modes, Ammo Switching & Custom Ammo - There is now Custom Ammo supported, so HMGs, LMGs, MRMs, LBXs, RACs and other weapon systems now have their own ammo types. And with Custom Ammo, you can now use different ammo when firing your weapons. Switch between ammos with Left Click on the % mark of weapon slot in combat HUD.
  • Massive emphasis on a full sandbox experience.
  • The entire game has been re-balanced. This includes bringing persistent evasion back into the fold for light mech viability, and new weapon modifiers that handle the little guys more easily if you're willing to invest the tonnage.
  • Over 2600+ 'Mechs: From the pirate commando with infernos, to the Massive King Crab-0001 with twin Gauss rifles, to the clan mechs like the Mad Cat Mk2, face off against all kinds of enemies.
  • Over 1000 Custom Vehicles and Variants. Now with VTOLS! Playable vehicles are also available as a THIRD lance!
  • With the great houses scrambling for superiority and unlocking the secrets of Helm, new weapons arrive on the battlefield, but nothing is cheap.
  • However, not everyone you go up against is using the best gear available. Some foes are welding weapons onto other weapons to try to get an edge with less money to work with. Don't laugh, you might get put into this situation just like them.
  • Tonnage means nothing! Everything is balanced around what your lance costs, not what it weighs. A well equipped Locust can still kill you!
  • Tweak your campaign to whatever difficulty settings you feel like. Want to dance along the edge of bankruptcy every month while haggling your way to victory? Or would you prefer mechs hand-delivered with their original factory wrappings? It's all customizable.
Installation Guide



"Operation: MechRiders"

RogueTech Operation MechRiders Beta Download

Highlighted Mods

Persistent Map[]


  • All factions are at war with each other.
  • Planets offer contracts from the owner of the planet, locals and each bordering faction.
  • Doing contracts for a faction raises their percentage of control and lower the percentage of the others.
  • The faction with the most control owns the planet.
  • If you get high rep with factions they offer you priority contracts that pay better and lead you to currently contested planets.
  • The amount of % a contract moves the control is based on skulls, negotiated rep and bordering planets. Each half skull earns 2% of control.

How Does it work

  • Whenever the game updates the map it makes a request to the Roguetech server and updates your local map based on the current state of the war.
  • After each mission your computer send the result of the mission to the server and that calculates the new map.
  • There is no personal information transferred and no mission result can be tracked back to a certain user.

Want to check the current state of the war effort?

Low Visibility[]

These changes are influenced by the double-blind rules from MaxTech, but have been heavily adapted to the video game mechanics.

This mod is comprehensive, but a short summary of changes in the mod include:

  • Sensor blips can now be targeted and attacked, allowing long range builds to be more viable.
  • ECM bubbles provide protection for allies and reduce enemy sensors.
  • Enemy details are hidden and are only revealed to strong sensors and/or pilots with high Tactics.
  • The environment can reduce visibility due to snow, rain, night, etc. This makes sensors critical to success on those maps.
  • Stealth can hide enemy mechs (and your own!) allowing you to close range safely.

Mech Engineer[]

Mech Engineer is one of the main gameplay experience changing mods added to RogueTech, which allows for many different aspects from the core game between the un-modded BattleTech experience and the RogueTech experience


  • New armor types,
  • Structure types,
  • Reintroducing engine ratings
  • Engine core types.
  • Heat Sink types (Both Internal and External)

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