Roguetech Wiki

A carefully crafted experience combining a large number of mods that have been adjusted specifically for RogueTech with respect to balancing, functionality, and features to create a near total conversion of the vanilla BattleTech Game of HBS.

It more than doubles the amount of content and gameplay features present in the original game and aims more closely approximate the original tabletop version of BattleTech.

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Roguetech adds:[]

Online Experience

  • Shared Map
  • Fight for your favorite faction
  • Influence other peoples games

Custom Starting locations

  • Select which faction you want to start with
  • Get faction mechs

New Mechs and Tanks

  • Experimental Power Armor 
  • Centurion Yen-Lo-Wang
  • Katyushka TBT6X
  • Gausszilla
  • Epona
  • Rhino
  • And much, much more

New Passive Skill Tree

  • Overhaul of selectable skills for your pilot and fellow Mechwarriors

New Heat Dynamics

  • Overheating will generate negative effects that worsen the longer you stay over the red line.

New Weapons & Gear

  • Rotary Autocannons
  • Thunderbolt Missiles
  • Electronic Warfare Suite
  • Combat Shield
  • And more

Chassis Quirks

  • Adds unique effects and special gear to Mechs

Pilot Quirks

  • Your hired Mechwarrior pilots can help or hamper based on their traits

1000's of Mechs

  • Handcrafted mechs by their designer; do they embody the true horrors of Battlemech Warfare?

Pirate Mech & Tech

  • Unpredictable Mechs and Equipment, Now with Spikes welded to them

Specialist Ammo Variants

  • Unique ammo to suit your killing needs

Vanilla Weapons Rebalance

  • Puts weapons in their rightful place

Cost Balance Factor

  • The more powerful a toy you have, the more you pay.

War Mechanics (Wartech)

  • WAR inside the Inner Sphere
  • All factions from 3040
  • Includes the dreaded Clans
  • Take Control of systems as the war with the factions heats up, Be part of the rise and fall of the great Houses and clans

Modular Installation

  • Difficulty and campaign structure customization
  • DLC support
  • QOL and interface settings
  • Community made addons


By Morphyum

By Morphyum and Callyste

By Callyste

  • SkirmishMechBayUnlocker

By Janxious


By RealityMachina

By Don Zappo

  • Monthly Tech and Morale Adjustment
  • Pilot quirks and its requirements
  • Repairbays
  • Galaxy At War

By Cargo_Vroom

  • Vehicle Improvement Project
  • Better Base Defense

By Denadan

  • Custom Components
  • Improved Armor repair
  • Adjusted Mech Salvage

By gponick (aka JF) 

By Zathoth 

  • Add Year to Timeline
  • Monthly Morale Reset <disabled may give same functions as monthly adjustment until see otherwise>

By ACCount

By Frankyg70

By willssi

By Daiyuki and lady Alekto

  • Lance spawner tweaks, making the crazy mechs special spawns

By AMechwarrior

  • Vehicle behaviour routine and inspiration for ai tweaks

By Night Thastus

  • Injuries Hurt

By HandyVac

  • Handy Industrial Weapons

By McFistyBuns

  • CBT Heat, movement, piloting checks

By ElleSheepy

  • Attack Improvement Mod

By Justin Kase

By Cyttorak01

  • Merc and Capellan emblems

By SolahmaJoe

  • Hanger of the Dispossessed

By CptMoore

By CWolf

By FrostRaptor

A big thank you goes to Bishop Steiner for generously allowing us to use many of his custom mech and vehicle designs in this mod, as well as providing inspiration for many of our own designs.