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'''''This mod is actually a collection of mods all brought together by a team of people. Stop by the [ discord] to thank any of them when you get a chance!'''''
'''''This mod uses many forks and mods to accomplish a unified package that is unique in its size and goal'''''
== Roguetech adds: ==
== Roguetech adds: ==

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This mod uses many forks and mods to accomplish a unified package that is unique in its size and goal

Roguetech adds:

Online Experience

  • Shared Map
  • Fight for your favorite faction
  • Influence other peoples games
  • Shared Economy

Custom Stating locations

  • Select which faction you want to start with
  • Get faction mechs

New Mechs and Tanks

  • Experimental Power Armour 
  • Centurion Yen-Lo-Wang
  • Katyushka TBT6X
  • Gausszilla
  • King Scorpion
  • Demolisher-R
  • And More

New Passive Skill Tree

  • Overhaul of selectable skills for your pilot and fellow Mechwarriors

New Heat Dynamics

  • Overheating will generate negative effects that worsen the longer you stay over the red line.

New Weapons & Gear

  • Rotary Autocannons
  • Thunderbolt Missles
  • Electronic Warfare Suit
  • Combat Shield
  • And more

Gear by background choice

  • Your choices Matter

Chassis Quirks

  • Adds unique effects and special gear to Mechs

Pilot Quirks

  • Your hired Mechwarrior pilots can help or hamper based on their traits

Elite Battlemech's

  • Handcrafted mechs by their designer; do they embody the true horrors of Battlemech Warfare?

Pirate Mech & Tech

  • Unpredictable Mechs and Equipment, Now with Spikes welded to them

Specialist Ammo Variants

  • Unique ammo to suit your killing needs

Vanilla Weapons Rebalance

  • Puts weapons in their rightful place

Cost Balance Factor

  • The more powerfull a toy you have, the more you pay.

Merc Deployments

  • Multi-Month missions where your employer pays you monthly

War Mechanics (Wartech)

  • WAR inside the Inner Sphere
  • All factions from 3040
  • Includes Clanners
  • Take Control of systems as the war with the factions heats up, Be part of the rise and fall of the great Houses and clans

Easily Changeable Mod Options

  • Here are some examples of frequently ask regarding some changes to some included mods

And so much more new features!


By Morphyum:

By Morphyum and Callyste

By Callyste

  • SkirmishMechBayUnlocker

By Janxious


By RealityMachina

By Don Zappo

  • Monthly Tech and Morale Adjustment
  • Pilot quirks and its requirements
  • Repairbays

By Cargo_Vroom

  • Vehicle Improvement Project
  • Better Base Defense

By Denadan

  • CustomComponents
  • Improved Armor repair

By gponick (aka JF) 

By Zathoth 

  • Add Year to Timeline
  • Monthly Morale Reset <disabled may give same functions as monthly adjustment until see otherwise>

By ACCount

By Frankyg70

By willssi

By Daiyuki and lady Alekto

  • Lance spawner tweaks, making the crazy mechs special spawns

By AMechwarrior

  • Vehicle behaviour routine and inspiration for ai tweaks

By Night Thastus

  • Injuries Hurt

By HandyVac

  • Handy Industrial Weapons

By McFistyBuns

  • CBT Heat, movement, piloting checks

By ElleSheepy

  • Attack Improvement Mod

By Justin Kase

By Cyttorak01

  • Merc and Capellan emblems

By SolahmaJoe

  • Hanger of the Dispossessed

By CptMoore

  • MechEngineer