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Solaris 7 League
Solaris 7 League
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Solaris Games
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Solaris VII


The Solaris Games are the most popular and prominent gladiatorial games in the Inner Sphere. Centering primarily around combat between BattleMechs, the Solaris Games take place on Solaris VII, a rowdy frontier world on the border between House Steiner and House Marik. MechWarriors from across known space will travel to Solaris to participate in the games, whether seeking fame and fortune or out of desperation, as do countless fans and tourists. The Solaris Games bring in substantial revenues for the planetary government and whichever realm controls the Solaris system, incentivizing them to ensure the games are carried out in an open and forthright manner. Nevertheless, the wealth to be gained in the games also attracts the unscrupulous elements of society, leading to occasional charges of fixed matches, skimmed prize money, and elimination of competitors outside of sanctioned fights.

Gamblers place exorbitant amounts of money on longshot bets, and fortunes are won and lost daily. Solaris City, in particular, hosts six major arenas and numerous MechWarrior stables. Every year there is a Grand Tournament, which culminates with the naming of the year’s champion (notable champions include Gray Noton and Kai Allard-Liao).

The Game World has long been a choice location to hire mercenaries. However, unlike Galatea or Outreach, many of those available for hire on Solaris VII are individual warriors rather than full mercenary commands. The quality of those available for hire on Solaris is good as the skills required to succeed in the arenas places those with winning records in high demand, but the employers must realize that they might be getting a prima donna, rather than a down-and-dirty warrior. In the end this means that Solaris MechWarriors possess greater independence and are more likely to breach contracts than their brethren of greater experience.

RT Gameplay[]

In the context of RogueTech, the Solaris 7 League provides a series of missions for the player to complete.

Every so often, a "New Season of Solaris 7" event will occur. The player is presented with two options: "purchase a license," or "pass on the opportunity for now".

  • Selecting "pass on the opportunity" sets a delay until this event can reoccur, but otherwise has no consequences.
  • Selecting "purchase a license" allows the player to pay 250k CBills to purchase a Light League License.
    • Depending on the player's reputation with Solaris 7, the player may instead select any of the four weight classes (Light, Medium, Heavy, or Assault).

The Solaris 7 Season[]

Once a license has been purchased, the player will be presented with a number of travel contracts to pay their way to Solaris VII. It is not necessary to accept one of these contracts, they merely present an option to go to Solaris with subsidized travel costs.

Upon arriving at Solaris VII, the player will have a variety of special contracts in the command center, representing "qualifying matches". These contracts will all be limited to the weight class for which the player has purchased a license, meaning no 'Mechs outside that weight class may be used. Some matches may be duels, while others may be "team" bouts. See the table below for the various match types. A player is not required to enter the full allotment of 'Mechs—it is acceptable to compete in 4v4 matches, for example, with only a single 'Mech for the player against four opponents.

Completing these matches will earn the player CBills (but no salvage rights), as well as reputation with the Solaris 7 League itself. Once the player has accumulated a certain amount of positive reputation with Solaris 7 by completing qualifying matches, the Championship Flashpoint can spawn (within a few months of purchasing the season License). The minimum reputation increases with weight class:

  • Light League: +10
  • Medium League: +40
  • Heavy League: +65
  • Assault League: +85

Solaris 7 Championship[]

The Solaris 7 Championship is a series of duels on various terrain, presented to the player in the form of a flashpoint. These duels, unlike normal missions, do not cause pilot fatigue.

Upon defeating all challengers and rising to victory at the top of the bracket, the player is awarded a cash payout. Winning the Light League Championship also opens the way to compete in other weight classes in the future.

Match Types[]

Match Type Description
Duel A solo duel against another Solaris gladiator
Team Battle A 4v4 Team Battle on a larger map. Last team standing wins.
Free For All A three-way 4v4v4 Team Battle. Last team standing wins.
Capture the Flag A 4v4 Team CTF game. Get to the target area, Recover the flag and extract safely, or eliminate all the opposition.

Other League Owned Gamesworlds[]

Various other worlds scattered around the galaxy are owned by the Solaris VII League. On these worlds, Solaris Matches can be played as usual, and specialty gladiator items may be for sale in the shops.

  • Antallos (Port Krin)
  • Astrokaszy
  • Galatea
  • Hardcore
  • Lushann
  • Noisiel
  • Westerhand