Taurian Concordat

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Taurian Concordat
Taurian Concordat
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Background[edit | edit source]

The Taurian Concordat is one of the largest Periphery states, located rimward of Terra, beyond the Federated Suns. Founded and ruled by House Calderon, the Concordat prides itself on its independence, freedom, and stability. The Concordat is wealthy, well educated, and well armed for a Periphery state. The Taurians defend their independence fiercely against Inner Sphere aggression, particularly by the Federated Suns; they perceive House Davion's reputation as a protector of liberties as unwarranted and even hypocritical, and they have a long history of conflict with the much larger Successor State. The current ruler of the Concordat is Protector Thomas Calderon.

Starters[edit | edit source]

Planet 'Mech Name 'Mech Signature Allignment
Taurus Shadowhawk SHD-2I Periphery

Faction Leader[edit | edit source]

Protector Thomas Calderon

Faction Stats[edit | edit source]