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Overview[edit | edit source]

Pilots gain one point of Affinity for each mission they undertake in a certain chassis to represent their familiarity with a particular 'Mech. The more missions they perform in that 'Mech, the better they will perform when called to do so again. This increase in skill manifests as bonuses applied to the 'Mech when the pilot reaches certain levels of Affinity.

Decay[edit | edit source]

Affinities decay if the pilot spends too long without doing a mission in a given chassis. This timer is tracked separately for all chassis a pilot has Affinity in.

By default, a pilot's Affinity with a given chassis will begin to decay 31 days after their last mission in that chassis. Once decay begins, the pilot will lose 1 Affinity in the given chassis per day unless and until they drop in that chassis.

Repairing the Argo's Beta and Gamma Pods increases the time before Affinity begins to decay by 10 days each. Upgrading the Argo's Training pods prevents Affinities from decaying below a certain value; with maximum upgrades, Affinity Decay will not decrease a pilot's Affinity below 40.

Global Bonuses[edit | edit source]

In addition to mech-specific bonuses, all chassis grant the same bonuses at 5, 10, 60, and 100 Affinity:

Missions Required Name Description
5 Warrior +1 Piloting
10 Veteran +1 Guts
60 Master +1 Tactics
100 Elite +1 Gunnery

Chassis Affinities[edit | edit source]

Chassis can provide additional affinity bonuses. You can find more information about each affinity under specific Mechs pages.

List Of All Chassis Affinities[edit | edit source]

Mech Lists would be too long, please use search function instead.

Name Missions Required Description
Agile 20 +1 Defense and +1 Melee Defense
Ambusher 20 -15% Signature and Visibility and +1 Local ECM
Anarchist 20 +1 Flamer&MG Accuracy, +1 Flamer&MG Evasion ignore, -10% Flamer&MG Heat
Ankle biter 20 -25% Signature and Visibility and +1 Local ECM, +10% Vision and Sensors, +1 Probe
Artillerist 20 -5% Min Scatter and -10% Max Scatter Radius, +1 Ballistic Accuracy, -1 Ballistic Recoil
Brawler 20 +1 Short&Medium Range Accuracy, +4 Min Range Accuracy
Brute 20 +10% Punch&Kick Damage&Stability
Death From Above! 20 -25% DFA Self Damage and +25% DFA Damage Dealt
Dreadnought 20 -20% Stability Damage Taken and +5% Damage Resist
Evasive 20 +1 Increased Evasion Gain and +2 Max
Fighter 20 +10% Physical Weapon Damage&Stability, +1 Physical Weapon Accuracy
Focus Fire 20 +1 Arm Mounted Accuracy
Gunboat 20 +1 Evasion Ignore and +1 Gunnery
Gunslinger 20 +4 Cluster, +20% Called Shot Chance, +1 Offensive Push Accuracy
Heavy Gunner (LT) 20 +2 Left Torso Accuracy, -1 Recoil
Heavy Gunner (RT) 20 +2 Right Torso Accuracy, -1 Recoil
High-Pressure-Cooling 20 -10% Weapon Heat Generated
Jump Trooper 20 +10% Jump Attack Damage, +10% Jump Distance
Missile Boat 20 +6 Missile Cluster, +1 Missile Evasion Ignore, +2 Indirect Missile Accuracy,
Reactive Plates 20 -10% Ballistic/Missile Damage Taken
Reflective Coating 20 -10% Energy Damage Taken
Scout 20 +1 Probe, +15% Visions&Sensors
Scrapper 20 Ace Pilot and Multi-Tracker
Shieldbearer 20 +20 Armor/+5 Structure Left Arm, +1 Accuracy Right Arm, +1 Accuracy Physical Melee
Shocktrooper 20 +2 Right Arm Mounted Accuracy, +1 Piloting, + 1 Gunnery
Sniper 20 +1 Long Range Accuracy, +2 Extreme Range Accuracy
Storm Trooper 20 +1 Specialist Accuracy, +1 Physical Weapon Accuracy, +1 Punch Accuracy
Supercooled 20 +10 Heat Capacity

Gear Affinities[edit | edit source]

When gear is Fixed to a chassis and cannot be removed, it can provided additional affinity bonuses to the mech it is attached to. You can find which Mechs under specific Gear pages. While these affinities are provided by the gear, they remain tracked by the chassis.

List of all Gear Affinities[edit | edit source]

Name Missions Required Description Gear List
Advanced Long Range Targeting 40 +1 Long Range Accuracy Improved Targeting - Long
Advanced Medium Range Targeting 40 +1 Medium Range Accuracy Improved Targeting - Medium
Advanced network 40 +1 Lance Probe Strength Morrigan C3i
Advanced Short Range Targeting 40 +1 Short Range Accuracy Improved Targeting - Short
Afterburner 150 +5% Jump Distance Queen Upper Leg
Proto Jump Jet Extended (SH)
Jump Jet (A)
Jump Jet (H)
Jump Jet (S)
Proto Jump Jet (S)
Proto Jump Jet (SH)
Syberian JJ (H)
Partial Wing System
Airtrooper 40 +15% Jump Distance Aerial Assault
All Range Tracking 40 +1 Accuracy Variable Range Targeting
All Seeing 40 +25% Vision Range Advanced Optics
Alpha Mike Foxtrot 30 +20% Jump Attack Damage Land Air Mech
Land Air Mech
Anti Mech Tactics 130 -20% Damage Taken IS Standard
Asskickah 140 +1 DFA/Kick Accuracy, +5% DFA/Kick Damage Jade Talons
Leg Spiked Boots
AutoCannon Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and -2 Recoil for AutoCannons Accurate Weapon - AC
Ballistics Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and -1 Recoil for Ballistics Accurate Weapon - Ballistics
Barbarian 120 +10% Physical Weapon Damage and Stability dealt Chainsaw
Hatchet 1T
Hatchet 2T
Hatchet 3T
Hatchet 4T
Hatchet 5T
Hatchet 6T
Hatchet 7T
Hatchet 8T
Hatchet 9T
Hatchet 10T
Energy Axe
Barrage 40 Breaching Shot Multi Trac
Big Bad 40 +1 Lance Resolve Intimidating
Black Ops 40 +1 Probe, +1 Local ECM AR20 WarFare Suite
Black Ops Recon 140 -15% Signature and Visibility and +1 Local ECM BA Stealth
FF Stealth
Stealth Armor
Broadcaster 40 +1 Tactics for the Lance Improved Communications
Broadside 160 +30% Stability Damage Dealt Broadside
Camouflaged 40 -20% Visibility and Signature OmniStealth
Cant Touch This 40 +1 Defense Extended Torso Twist
360° Torso Twist
Careful Aim 40 +2 Offensive Push Accuracy Hyper-Extending Actuactors
Cased Components 40 +50% Crit Resistance C.A.S.E. III
CHOMP! 140 +10% Charge/Physical Damage CHOMPAH
Comfy Coffin 130 +1 Piloting, +1 Guts Cockpit Small Advanced
Cockpit Small
Torso Mount Cockpit
Rule #9
Cool Running 40 +6 Heat Capacity, -5% Heat Generated Combat Computer
Coordination 40 +1 Lance Initiative Battle Computer TC7000
Deep Fried 160 10% Heat Damage Salamander
Plasma Cannon
Flamer Prometheus
Dragon Breath
Flamer (C)
Defender 40 +2 Guts Industrial TSM
Industrial TSM
Destroyer 120 +5% Physical Weapon and +15% Stability Damage dealt Mace 1T
Mace 2T
Mace 3T
Mace 4T
Mace 5T
Mace 6T
Mace 7T
Mace 8T
Mace 9T
Mace 10T
Locust Stick
Pole Planter
Energy Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and -1 Recoil for Energy Accurate Weapon - Energy
Facefull of Fist 40 +1 Punch Accuracy, +5% Punch Damage, +20% Punch Instability Barrel Fist
FEAR ME! 40 +2 Resolve Gain Distracting
Field Command 140 +1 Lance Resolve, +1 Lance Initiative Adv. Command Mod
C3 Unit
C3 Overlord Command
Firewalker 150 -10% Heat Damage Taken LRM Hydra Cased
Radical PDHS Kit
Heat Bank Mk2
Cooling Jacket
Radical Compact HS Kit
Exchanger (C)
Exchanger Mk2
Fisticuffs 40 +1 Punch Accuracy, +10% Punch Damage, +5% Punch Instability Battle Fists
Flexibility 40 +2 Piloting Integrated TSM
Flexible Internals 40 +3 Heat Capacity, -6% Heat generated Modular Weapons
Gauss Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy, -1 Recoil and +100% Crit for Gauss Accurate Weapon - Gauss
GERONIMO! 40 +15% DFA Damage and Stability, -50% DFA Stability Self Damage Reinforced Legs
GO FASTAH 40 +1 Walk Move Point Adv. M.A.S.C.
Guardian 120 -10% Stability Damage Taken and +10% Damage Resist Combat Shield 1T
Combat Shield 2T
Combat Shield 3T
Combat Shield 4T
Combat Shield 5T
Combat Shield 6T
Combat Shield 7T
Combat Shield 8T
Combat Shield 9T
Combat Shield 10T
Hardened Plates 40 -3% Damage Taken, TAC Immune Rugged
Easy to Maintain
Heavy Gunner (CT) 40 +2 Center Torso Accuracy, -15% Stability Damage Taken Spinal Mount
Turret Mount
High Command 40 +1 Lance Resolve, +1 Lance Initiative Command Mech
Battle Computer B2000
Hull Down 40 +1 Max Evasion NarrowLow Profile
Hunter 40 +1 Probe, +10% Sight, +5% Sensors Integrated Searchlight
I See You 40 +1 Sensors/Probe Detection, +10% Sensors Range Improved Sensors
Im a Leaf on the Wind 40 +1 DFA Accuracy, -25% DFA Stability and Damage Taken Stubble Wings
Imperceptible 140 -15% Signature and Visibility Queen's Carapace
Void Ferro-Fibrous (C)
Stealth LAM
Chameleon LPS (C)
Chameleon LPS
Black Carapace
Indomitable 160 -5% Damage Taken Hardened Ferro-Fibrous
Internal Repair Systems
Ferro-Lamellor (C)
LAM Lamellor
Juggernaut 40 10% Crit Resistance, -5% Damage Taken Reinforced Structure
Just a Flesh Wound 40 +3 Pilot Bonus Health Cowl
Laser Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and 1 Evasion ignore for Laser Accurate Weapon - Laser
Leaf on the Wind! 120 +20% Stability Threshhold and Max LAM Flight Systems
LAM Flight Systems
Lifeboat 40 +1 Guts, +1 Piloting, +1 Pilot Bonus Health Improved Lifesupport
MachineGun Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and 1 Evasion ignore for MachineGuns Accurate Weapon - MG
Marksman 160 +1 Specialist Accuracy HH AP Gauss Rifle(C)
HandHeld 2xLRM5 (C)
Clan Laser Rifle (L)
Laser Rifle (M)(C)
Avenger Rifle
HandHeld StreakLRM5 (C)
HandHeld StreakSRM4 (C)
Super Shotgun
HandHeld TAG (C)
Melee Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy, +10% Damage and Stability dealt for Physical Weapons, Punch and Kick Melee Actuators
Missile Defense 130 +1 AMS Damage, -10% Missile Damage Taken Integrated Adv. AMS
Proto Laser AMS
Laser AMS
BoltOn AMS
Integrated Advanced Laser AMS
Laser AMS (C)
Integrated Laser AMS
Proto Laser AMS
Adv. AMS
Missile Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and -1 Recoil for Missiles Accurate Weapon - Missiles
Nothing to See Here 40 +1 Local ECM, -10% Signature Jammer
Obvious Controls 40 +1 All Pilot Skills Ubiquitous
One with the Machine 140 +1 All Pilot Skills Cockpit TM Interface
Cockpit Interface
Torso Mount DNI Cockpit
Cockpit Interface
Buffered VDNI w Small Cockpit
Cockpit Interface
Vehicular DNI
DNI MKII Cockpit
Overclocking 140 Headshot Enabled FCS Adv TC
Physical Weapon Mastery 40 +1 Accuracy and +15% Physical Weapon Damage and Stability dealt Yen Lo Wang
Pinpoint Rockets 160 +1 Missile Evasion Ignore Imp. RL20
Rocket 10 Extended
Arrow IV OS
Artemis+MML 10
Corsair MRM20
ATM 9 (P) SM
Heavy RL20 Hydra
MRM40 (P)
Arrow IV (C)
Polly! 160 +10% Sensors/Sight Polly
PPC Mastery 40 +2 Eva Ignore for PPC Accurate Weapon - PPC
Push the Envelope 80 -20% Jump Heat Generation LAM Turbine
Resilience 145 +5% Crit Resist Endo-Steel (C)
LAM Composite Structure
LAM Endo-Steel
LAM Structure
Protected Actuators
Ronin 40 +1 Pyhsical Weapon Attacks, +10% Pyhsical Weapon Damage and Stability Way of the Samurai
Runner 140 +1 Walk Move Point M.A.S.C. (C)
Cockpit Hotseat Mk1
Shielded 140 -10% Energy Damage Taken Blue Shield Particle Field Damper
Glazed (C)
Smart Warheads 40 +1 Missile Evasion Ignore, +8 Missile Clustering Artemis V
Specialist Mastery 40 +2 Accuracyfor Specialist and Physical Melee Accurate Weapon - HandHeld
Stalker 140 +1 Probe, +1 Local ECM Searchlight
AR14 Sheathed Beacon
Warfare Suite
Supercharged EWS
Nova CEWS (C)
Sensor Sentinel
AR12 Sheathed Beacon
Nova CEWS (C)
Steady Aim 40 +1 Gunnery, +1 Offensive Push Accuracy, +10% Offensive Push Chance Stable Weapons
Supercooled AutoCannons 40 -10% Heat generated with AutoCannons Improved Cooling Jacket - AC
Supercooled Laser 40 -10% Heat generated with Laser Improved Cooling Jacket - Laser
Supercooled Missiles 40 -10% Heat generated with Missiles Improved Cooling Jacket - Missile
Supercooled PPC 40 -10% Heat generated with PPC Improved Cooling Jacket - PPC
Superior Stabilisation 150 -5% Stability Damage Taken Omni Compact Gyro
Omni Heavy Gyro
Omni Gyro XXL
Omni Dreadnought Gyro
Omni UL Gyro
OmniMech Gyro
Omni Savage Gyro
Omni XL Gyro
Hyperion Gyro
Stabilized UL Gyro
Gyro XXL
Gyro Defense Mk2
Swiss Cheese 160 -2 AC Recoil RAC10 (BRRT)
Swordmaster 120 +1 Accuracy and +5% Physical Weapon Damage and Stability dealt Katana
Vibro Sword 1T
Sword 1T
Vibro Sword 2T
Sword 2T
Vibro Sword 3T
Sword 3T
Vibro Sword 4T
Sword 4T
Vibro Sword 5T
Sword 5T
Vibro Sword 6T
Sword 6T
Vibro Sword 7T
Sword 7T
Vibro Sword 8T
Sword 8T
Vibro Sword 9T
Sword 9T
Vibro Sword 10T
Sword 10T
Long Sword
Energy Swords
The Large Bore 160 +100% Gauss Crit, +25% Gauss Stab Damage Prototype Gauss Rifle
BFG 9000
Prototype HGR
AP Gauss Rifle Battery
Thrasher 120 +1 Punch Accuracy and +5% Punch Damage and Stability dealt Hands Hook
Ravage Claws
Reaper Claws
Retractable Blade
Spiked Fist
Tuned Actuators 140 +1 Punch/Physical Accuracy, +5% Punch/Physical Damage Weapon Mount Heat
Upper Spiked
Upper Recoil Mk1
Lower Melee Weapon
OmniPod Hand
Tuned Engine 150 -5% Heat Generated Prototype Light Fusion
Compact XL Engine 300
Supercharged Engine XL
Fuel Cell (P)
Engine XXL
Engine XL
Engine Compact
Engine XL (C)
Engine XXL (C)
Engine Light
LAM XL Engine
Compact Heat Sink
Unyielding 40 -20% Stability Damage Taken Stable
Vector Plottting 40 +1 Evasion Ignore Anti-Air Targeting
WITNESS ME! 40 +1 All Pilot Skills Easy to Pilot
Zeroed In 40 +4 Clustering, +10% Called Shot Chance, +1 Called Shot Accuracy Experimental TC